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Financial Criteria

  • Minimum EBITDA of $1 million and minimum revenue of $5 million

  • A history of growth and profitability

  • Technology businesses need not fit the financial criteria above

  • No minimum financial requirements for add-on acquisitions

Company Traits

  • Primary activity in the United States

  • Differentiated companies with sustainable competitive advantages

  • Identifiable growth opportunities, both organic and actionable acquisitions

  • Experienced, driven management teams interested in partnering with HCP


  • Adaptive and flexible, including both significant minority or control investments

  • Growth investments, recapitalizations, and leveraged buyouts

  • Key management and/or owners desire to retain a meaningful equity stake

  • Conservative approach to debt


Industry agnostic, but most of our historical investing experience has been in the following sectors:

  • Business Services

  • Technology-Enabled Services and Software

  • Healthcare Services and Technology

HCP will always consider exciting investment opportunities that do not fit perfectly in the criteria outlined above.

HCP finances its transactions through its proprietary network of lenders and equity investors, who often resemble patient family office and high net worth investors.

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