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Patient, Flexible Capital for Closely-Held and Family-Owned Businesses


Combining the best of the private equity and family office models to offer a unique, flexible capital partner for closely-held and family-owned businesses. HCP seeks to be a truly collaborative partner that considers all stakeholders and takes a patient approach to its investment philosophy, which we believe is a true differentiator in the industry.


Patient, Flexible Capital Focused on the Long-Term
HCP is not bound by many of the investment restrictions of traditional private equity funds, such as investment structure and horizon, allowing us to offer flexible solutions to our partners that always incorporate our long-term vision.
Based on our Midwestern roots, what you see is what you get. We believe the best long-term relationships start with a foundation of honesty, integrity, and trust; thus we spend more time than most with our potential partners before an investment to ensure everyone agrees that it is "the right fit".
We are hands-on investors that believe in stakeholder capitalism. Each decision we make focuses on the best interests of all constituents, including the employees, customers, and community, not only the shareholders.
We are focused on partnering with family and entrepreneur-owned businesses. Usually this is the first time bringing on institutional capital, so we understand that the decision is more than a financial transaction, but a carefully-tailored solution to facilitate the smooth transition of the business with a focus on people, communities, and the legacy of the entrepreneur.

About Us

We partner with closely-held and founder-owned businesses through flexible structures that drive optimal outcomes for all stakeholders.


HCP professionals have over $5 billion of transaction experience, the majority of which has been completed in the lower and middle markets. The team thoroughly enjoys building long-term partnerships with its management teams and investors.

Investment Focus

We invest in lower middle market businesses with sustainable competitive advantages and strong management teams that are eager to take part in the next phase of growth.

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